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If you are looking to purchase a car or truck with a bad credit score, then you realize aggravating it is to have your credit refused. Here is the good news: given that car dealerships ordinarily haven’t been able to sell vehicles to customers who’ve been rejected for financing, dealers have been offering loans themselves. They won’t automatically refuse you due to poor credit.

Whereas a regular car lot has you pick out a car or truck straight away, then brings up financing, BHPH car lots in Peyton, CO are the opposite.

Peyton Buy Here Pay Here Income Factors

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Divide your monthly income by 10. Don’t commit more than this amount for your car payment. When you pull down $54,390 each year (the Peyton average), this equals $453 monthly. Whenever you can, shell out less than this amount.

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You don’t need to stop by a variety of different car lots to get your car loan approved. It’s our mission to get your credit accepted – today!

Are You Eligible?

Many bad credit auto dealers in Peyton, CO are hoping to see the following:

  • Proof of Address and Wages
  • Drivers License
  • Cash Upfront

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