Auto Loans With No Credit

Buy Here Pay Here: Lafayette (CO)

Financing a car is often bewildering, even demoralizing, and this is particularly the case in this tight economy. Fortunately, dealers have been moving forward. Historically, dealerships have been unable to sell cars to customers who’ve got less-than-perfect credit, so these days they have been providing loans directly.

As opposed to a conventional credit union or bank, they aren’t going to instantly turn you down due to below-average credit.

They check out your take home pay to identify the cars and trucks for which you meet the requirements.

CO Buy Here Pay Here Budgetary Factors

Divide your monthly income by 10, and don’t commit in excess of this on your monthly payment. If you take home $56,655 annually, for instance, this means $472 each month. When possible, shell out even less than this amount.

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A large number of BHPH car lots in Lafayette, CO, pre-approve applications on the web. It’s our goal to help you get approved…today.

Acceptance Criteria

The large majority of car lots that deal with bad credit in Lafayette, CO want to see a monthly income of greater than $1500, coupled with an upfront payment of some kind.

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