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If you have been looking at finance a car or truck with adverse credit, then you realize aggravating it is to have your credit refused. Don’t worry. You do not need a credit union or bank to get your new car financed. You can go to one of the buy here pay here dealerships in Grand Junction, CO. CO buy here pay here car lots can grant car loans when old fashioned providers cannot.

Whereas a standard car lot will have you pick your car or truck straight away, then brings up financing, buy here pay here dealerships in Grand Junction, CO talk about financing upfront.

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What amount should you invest in payments? Only one tenth of your income. Let’s say earn $27,373 a year (the Grand Junction average), this means $228 every month. Coughing up any more than this amount will wreck your financial situation.

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It’s easy to get approved for Grand Junction CO buy here pay here financing sooner rather than later. We have made it our goal to help you get approved…today! Most car dealers that deal with bad credit in Grand Junction, CO will need a monthly income of over $1500, and even a down payment of some sort. For additional information, go here: Colorado Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots