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Financing a car or truck can be confusing, if not maddening, especially when you have a bad credit score. Don’t fret. You don’t need a banking institution to get your new car financed. You can stop by one of the buy here pay here dealers in Golden, CO.

Buy here pay here car lots are pros at helping people who have got a low credit score.

Whereas a conventional dealer has you pick out your car or truck before discussing your finance agreement, BHPH car lots talk about credit beforehand.

Suggested Monthly Budget: Golden, CO

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Most fiscal industry professionals suggest that your car payment cost a maximum of one-tenth of the amount you get paid each month. According to recent data, Golden residents bring home approximately $3,370 a month. Ten percent of this amount is $337. How terrible would it be to make your credit a whole lot worse? Abide by your budget.

Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Colorado

You should never spend your weekends looking for auto loan approval from a whole slew of loan providers. It’s our goal to help you get approved – online.

Do You Qualify?

Virtually all bad credit car dealers in Golden, CO are looking for the following:

  • Proof of Wages
  • Advance Payment
  • Driver’s CO License
  • Proof of Residence

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