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Most consumers who have a low credit score believe that they have no hope for financing a car. The only option is to pay cash for a cheap vehicle with more mileage than they would like to have. The good thing is, there is an alternative: buy here pay here dealerships in Evans, CO. These dealerships are known for helping consumers who’ve got below-average credit.

While a normal dealership helps you pick out your vehicle before discussing your financing deal, buy here pay here car dealerships in Evans, CO are the opposite.

Recommended Monthly Payments: Evans, CO

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Exactly how much should you spend on monthly payments? No more than 10% of your income. For many of us Evans locals, who earn $3,555 monthly, this means a payment of about $356 per month. Dealerships oftentimes have an unhealthy practice of talking you into spending beyond what you need to on your car or truck, so continue to keep the 10% guideline in mind. When possible, invest less than 10%.

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You don’t have to spend days finding a BHPH dealership in Evans, CO to approve your auto loan. It’s our goal to get you approved – today! Almost all dealerships that accept bad credit in Evans, CO will want you to have a monthly income of over $1500, along with a down payment of some kind. Click Here To Find a BHPH Dealership Near You